Product Updates

May 2024 Release Notes

Preview the upcoming "v2" Subscriber Portal experience, improvements to display real-time Stock Status and Inventory counts, a big boost to the Native UI, and the latest improvements to the QPilot Merchant Center.

April 2024 Release Notes

In this month's Release Notes, we highlight a recent Case Study where Churn Analysis unlocked a 24% increase in subscription revenue, and review recent improvements to our Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.

March 2024 Release Notes

This month, we published improvements to Dashboard Reporting and added a feature to our Shopify and Woo integrations that improves the ability for merchants who need to prevent backorders as a result from processing Scheduled Orders for their Autoship or Subscribe & Save customers.

Performance ⚡ Upgrades: February 2024

We're happy to report that over this month, Merchants are seeing over a 100% (more than double) increase in the speed of accessing Scheduled Order data in their Shopify and WooCommerce admins and that Customers are also able to view and manage their Autoship and Subscribe & Save Orders twice as fast. In this post, we'll highlight the top speed improvements for you and your subscribers, and what's next!

December 2023 Release Notes

In this month's release notes, we're throwing a holiday retention party 🥳 for you and all of the new subscribers you acquired this season! Check out our new Churn Analysis Reports, Integration with Subscriber Retention Platform: Upzelo, and more automations to build new subscription flows and save time.

October 2023 Release Notes

In this month's release notes, we review new performance graphs to track trends in processing & retention, improvements to our integrations with Shopify and Woo, and preview an enhancement to our Klaviyo integration.

New! Klaviyo Integration

Great news Klaviyo marketers! Our Klaviyo integration has launched. Read the announcement and checkout our YouTube video that demonstrates how the integration works.

July 2023 Release Notes

In this month's release notes, we review improvements made to your site's Dashboard Reports, a new feature that automatically updates your stale subscriptions, and 2 new integrations coming soon: Klaviyo for Marketing Automation and Upzelo for Subscriber Retention.