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October 2023 Release Notes

Release notes are a quick way to let you know about improvements we’ve made to Autoship Cloud and QPilot! Our updates only take a few minutes to read and will keep you in the know about our latest features… and what’s coming soon.

In this month’s release notes, we review new performance graphs added to your site’s Dashboard, improvements to our integrations with Shopify and Woo, and preview an enhancement to our Klaviyo integration. Let’s get into it!

New! Dashboard Improvements to Track Processing Trends 📊

You asked:

  • Is there an easier way to track trends in processing Scheduled Orders for my Autoship or Subscribe & Save program?
  • How is my site’s retention doing? Am I processing more Scheduled Orders for existing subscribers or new ones?
  • Is my Average Order Value increasing month-over-month?
  • What other trends can be revealed by tracking trends in processing Scheduled Orders?

We responded by adding 5 new charts to your Site’s Dashboard reporting that enable you to see a summary of your overall Autoship or Subscribe & Save program’s processing performance at-a-glance 👀

  • Average Processing Value tracks the average total charged (after coupon discounts, added shipping costs and taxes) for all successful processing cycles month-over-month.
    • Compare this with Average Scheduled Order Value (tracks AOV) to reveal the effect of coupon discounting and other costs on your recurring revenue.
  • Average Scheduled Order Value (also known as AOV) tracks the average value of the Subtotals (before any coupon discounts, added shipping and taxes are applied) for all successful processing cycles month-over-month.
    • AOV is often compared with Average Processing Value to reveal the effect of coupon discounting in your marketing campaigns on recurring revenue, and is also often compared with trends in Lifetime Value and Total Successful Cycles to see if those discounts and campaigns are effective at improving retention.
    • Example: Your site ran a promotion in August that discounts Scheduled Orders using a coupon offered in an August campaign. Your site’s Average Processing Value is lower in August (due to the coupon discount) than the Average Scheduled Order Value, but your Total Successful Cycles increased that month as a result. In September and October, you see increases in Lifetime Value Processed and AOV which shows that discounts offered to your Autoship customers and Subscribers in your August campaign was effective at improving retention.
  • Total Lifetime Value Processed tracks the total Lifetime Value of all Scheduled Orders that were processed within the given month. We added this graph after working with merchants who wanted to know if the value of their existing Scheduled Orders was increasing (meaning they were retaining subscribers and increasing LTV), or if they were processing more new Scheduled Orders that had a lower LTV.
    • Total Lifetime Value Processed by Month can be compared with Scheduled Orders Created by Month in order to reveal if new Scheduled Orders created (in past months) are contributing to an increase in Total LTV Processed month-over-month. If both are trending upwards, your retention of new subscribers is strong!
  • Total Average Successful Cycles tracks the average count of successful processing cycles per month.
    • Changes to Average Successful Cycles reveal improvements (or problems) in retention.
    • Example: Your Site sees a decrease last month in Average Successful Cycles and then finds that there has been an increase in 1001 (No Items to Ship) that is causing passive churn due to stock outs. This is an opportunity to make an offer to those subscribers whose Scheduled Orders failed for that reason and win them back with a new campaign! PS: Have you checked out our Klaviyo integration yet?
  • Total Successful Cycles tracks the total number of successful processing cycles (renewal orders) completed each month.
    • Compare Total Successful Cycles with Total Average Cycles to better understand if processing existing Scheduled Orders is improving retention (Average Cycles are increasing) or if new subscribers are causing an increase to processing cycles (increase in Total Successful Cycles) but existing subscribers are not and are churning (lower Average Succesful Cycles).

Other Dashboard Improvements

  • The Dashboard layout has been improved to provide a better organization of the charts and tables including updated section headings and display of filters so that it is easier to view.
  • We’ve also made a few backend improvements to help chart data load faster.

Coming Next! Cohort and Churn Analysis

As we add more features and integrations to improve subscriber churn, look for new reports to be available in November that analyze customer cohorts with a focus on retention cohorts and churn analysis of Scheduled Orders and Customers. These reports will help you easily identify cancelation patterns and opportunities to increase retention!

Here’s a peek at one of the views we’re testing for our upcoming churn analysis reporting:

Shopping Cart Updates: Shopify

In October, we published several updates to improve the ability to customize the widget that shows Subscribe & Save Options on the Product Display Page (PDP) and also published the properties for widget options and placeholders that developers can use to display the widget in Product Listing Pages (PLP’s) or completely customize it in a custom theme!

Check out our updated Autoship Cloud for Shopify docs here which now include code examples of how to achieve a completely custom Subscribe and Save display like this one:

Other Improvements to Autoship Cloud for Shopify:

  • Pre-order or backorder items are now supported to allow those items to be processed with Scheduled Orders and Shopify Subscription Orders.
  • Support for multiple saved payment methods has also been improved for additional Shopify Subscription payment methods that are added during subscription checkouts.

Shopping Cart Updates: Woo

In October we published an update to our Autoship Cloud for Woo plugin that improves support for the WooCommerce iOS app. Our Woo plugin was using a date conversion that prevented Autoship Orders (Orders created in Woo from processing Scheduled Orders) from showing up in the iOS app and, after extensive testing, we were able to release this update.

Other improvements to Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce:

  • We added support for all QPilot Coupon discount types to be rendered as Virtual Coupons on WooCommerce Orders created from processing Scheduled Orders. This includes Coupons that apply their discount to Product Groups!
  • We made multiple updates to the Native UI Display option that improves how discounts are displayed for Items that are discounted for Autoship or Subscribe & Save, and also subtotals are displayed for Taxes, Shipping and more.

Check out the full changelog here on

Coming soon to our Woo Plugin integration:

  • Compatibility support for HPOS (High Performance Order Storage). High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) was released in October 2023 with WooCommerce version 8.2. We’re excited to support this performance improvement, but we also found that this is a breaking change for Autoship Cloud so we are carefully testing an update that we expect to publish very soon!
  • More improvements to the Native UI Display Option. We’re testing updates to our customizable subscriber portal that make integrating other apps and offering upsells much easier.

Klaviyo Update: Scheduled Order Events & Customer Notifications

We updated our integration with Klaviyo to synchronize Scheduled Order Events like Created, Deleted, and even Upcoming Scheduled Order notifications with Events logged as Activities in Klaviyo profiles.

This means that you can trigger messaging in Klaviyo using the same events that would trigger messaging in QPilot and use the properties of Scheduled Orders directly within Klaviyo!

We’ll keep this update about Klaviyo short because we’re putting together a completely separate post on how this works: including a video walkthrough and an example email template to get you started crafting your own customer email notifications using dynamic data from QPilot!

Keep an eye on your inbox next week for some excellent new capabilities for your Klaviyo integration 📥

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