No order processing fees: Process as many Autoship or Subscription Orders as your customers want at any order value with no added processing fee.

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$99 / mo

$0.30 per Billable Scheduled Order

  • For D2C brands that need a reliable and well-supported Autoship program.
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$249 / mo

$0.30 per Billable Scheduled Order

  • Optimize & scale your Autoship program with advanced reporting and integrations.
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$499 / mo

$0.30 per Billable Scheduled Order

  • For multi-channel marketers, agencies and B2B brands delivering custom subscriber experiences.
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  • For brands & agencies scaling beyond 100K+ monthly subscribers.
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Feature Comparison

Starter Growth Marketer Enterprise
Shopping Carts
Custom App
App Integrations
Use customer and subscription metrics to power unique flows and messaging.
Decrease churn and A/B test win-back offers with our seamless integration.
Offer integrated carrier rates and multiple delivery options to your subscribers.
Offer custom rates, delivery options across 50+ Carriers Worldwide.
Connect your app in minutes and automate any workflow you dream up!
Automations (MAPs)
Automate Changes & Subscriber Flows Without Code ▶️ Learn More
Cancel Flow for Paused Scheduled Orders
Cancel Flow for Failed Scheduled Orders
Create Additional MAPs
▶️ Automate Product Swaps, Upsells, Loyalty Discounts, Seasonal Changes & More
3 8 10+
Payment Integrations
Authorize.Net CIM
PayPal Checkout
Shopify Payments
👀 Shopify Eligibility Requirements
Payment Integrations: Advanced
Gateways & payment types that offer unique cart integrations & payment features.
Other Payment Types
👀 B2B, C.O.D., Invoicing (Learn More)
API and Webhooks
Custom Webhook Registration
Request data based on specific event triggers.
API Access for Custom Development
Develop your own API clients & integrations.
Scheduled Products by Order Date
Quantity per SKU Grouped by Future Order Dates
Scheduled Orders by Product
Customers, Order Dates, Post Codes, Quantity per SKU
Subscription Metrics by Customer
Analyze Lifecycle Performance per Customer
Subscription Metrics by Scheduled Order
Analyze Lifecycle Performance per Scheduled Order
Email Deliverability powered by SendGrid®
Ensure the Success of Customer Email Notifications
Cohort and Churn Performance
Analyze Trends in Churn & Retention
Reporting and Historical Data (Months) 12 24 36 ♾️
Reporting: Advanced Options
Unlock deep insights into repeat customer behavior with custom data & event analysis. ▶️ Learn More
Custom Performance & Growth Opportunity Analysis
Request Performance & Opportunity Analysis for your overall program or specific campaigns & growth experiments.
Custom Retention & Churn Analysis
Reveal specific opportunities & threats by requesting custom analysis of your strongest performing customers, their related products, and their behaviors.
Custom Inventory & Forecasting Analysis
Request Analysis for Predictive Demand Planning, Seasonal Inventory Needs, and Back-In-Stock Opportunities. Learn how to increase order value with back-in-stock products that subscribers missed on their previous orders.
Event Logs
Query and Filter Event Logs Across All Customers & Scheduled Orders
Coupons & Loyalty Discounts
Discount Shipping or Subtotals by Amount
Discount Shipping or Subtotals by Percentage
Set Max Amount for Percentage Discounts
Cap % Discounts to a Total Dollar Amount
One-Time or Recurring Discounts
Limit Recurring Discounts to Number of Cycles
Set Max Uses by a Single Customer
Set Max Uses by All Customers
Coupons: Advanced Options
Highly personalized discounts that incentivize order total, quantity, weight and specific customers.
Limit Discount to Min Units
Apply Discount Only Above a Minimum Order Quantity
Limit Discount to Min Subotal
Apply Discount Only Above a Specific Order Subtotal
Limit Discount to Min/Max Weight
Apply Discount Only Above/Lower a Specific Weight
Limit Discount by Customer Email
Validate Coupons Only for Specific Customers
Shipping Rates
Fully automate repeat deliveries at the lowest cost.
Learn more.
Table Rates and Flat Rates
Set up rules and pricing based on shipping address, product classes and total order quantity.
Shipping Zones
Define shipping zones by Address, Single & Multiple Postal Codes.
Local Pickup Addresses
Match shipping rates to pre-defined shipping addresses for Local Pickup or BOPIS.
Shipping Rates: Advanced Options
Create preferred shipping rates that reward loyalty and order value.
Min Unit Quantity
Apply rate only for a minimum total order quantity.
Min Order Cycles
Apply rate only after an order has been processed N times.
Min Subtotal
Apply rate only when a minimum subtotal is met.
Min/Max Weight
Apply rate only within a specified range of weight.
Scheduled Orders
Queue any product for a future/repeat delivery. 🤔 What are Scheduled Orders?
Real-Time Order Validation
Ensure payments, item availability, and shipping are 100% accurate after any change, and before & after every processing event.
Delivery Frequency Options
Number of Days, Weeks, Months, Day of Week, Day of Month
Add One-Time Only Items
Add items to only process on the next order cycle
Add Item After N Cycles
Specify a minimum and/or maximum number of processing cycles to include any item
Order Processing: Start + End Time
Define a time window during which Scheduled Orders can be processed each day.
Order Processing: Offset Days
Need 2 Days to dispatch an order before it’s shipped? Process Scheduled Orders N days ahead of their Next Occurrence Date!
Order Processing: Lock Window
Disable customer changes to Scheduled Orders N Days before they process.
Scheduled Orders: Advanced Options
Override your Site’s date/time & processing settings for specific Scheduled Orders.
Advanced Date/Time Options
Set Next Occurrence Time and Timezone
Advanced Processing Options
Override your Site’s Order Processing settings for individual Scheduled Orders.
Product / SKU Features
Stay in-sync and in-stock for your repeat customers & subscribers!
Real-Time Product + Inventory Sync
Synchronize your online store’s product catalog and control which are products are able to be scheduled.
Quantity & Stock Status Sync
Sync your online store’s stock statuses and quantities for every product & variation to disable out-of-stock items from processing or allow backorders.
Scheduled Order Product Availability
Select which products customers can add to their Scheduled Orders and enable/disable processing for any product.
Product / SKU: Advanced Options
Create unique discounting and behaviors for products & groups.
Product Groups
Add multiple products to a single group. Add product groups to Coupons, MAPs and more.
Product Metadata
Add unique metadata values to products to support integrations & automations with MAPs.
Customer Notifications
Detailed notifications that let subscribers know what’s coming, when to make changes, and how to resolve order & payment issues. Learn more.
Email Template and Styling
Customize the look of your email templates with your brand, styling and dynamic fields.
Email Text Localization
Your next “Repeat Delivery” ships in 2 days! Customize the text labels used in your email templates.
Email Domain Address & Verification
Send emails from your address & verified domain.
Upcoming Scheduled Order Notification
Send an email 1-Day, 2-Days, 10-Days or any Custom Number of Days ahead of a Next Occurrence Date.
Lock Notification
Alert customers with the number of days they have to make changes before their next order processes.
Scheduled Order Created Notification
Notify cusomters after a new Scheduled Order is created.
Scheduled Order Paused Notification
Notify customers after they Pause their Scheduled Order.
Scheduled Order Deleted Notification
Notify customers after they Delete or Cancel their Scheduled Order.
Scheduled Order Error Notifications
Notify customers when any problem occurs with their order including: Payment Declines, Stock Issues and more.
Add BCC to Error Emails
Keep your support team looped in whenever a Customer is sent an Error Email.
DKIM and DMARC Support
Go beyond basic domain authentication (SPF) to further protect email delivery and sender reputation.
Customer Notifications: Advanced Options
For brands with high email volume and messaging integrations.
3rd Party Messaging
Use Klaviyo or another service to notify customers? Trigger notification events without sending our built-in emails.