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Frequently Asked Questions
and the answers to them as well 😉

What Exactly Is An “Autoship” or “Auto-Ship”?

“Autoship” or “Auto-Ship” is short for Automatic Shipment.
What WC Autoship Cloud does is enable this for retailers and wholesalers using WooCommerce.

How is an “Autoship” or “Auto-Ship” different from a “Subscription”?

While you can certainly call Auto-Ship a “Subscription”, we like to say that Autoship creates more possibilities for recurring orders than the traditional “subscription plan” model.
Subscription plans tend to only manage a simple recurring sale for a set amount.
For example, think about buying a subscription plan for pet food online:
1. Purchase a monthly subscription for a 10 pound bag of dog food and checkout.
2. The food arrives every month until you cancel your subscription.
3. Want to change the subscription to a 5 pound bag?  You’ll need to cancel your old plan and buy a new subscription plan.
4. Want to change the subscription to ship every 2 months?  Cancel and opt-in to a new subscription plan.
5. Want to purchase a single product from within the subscription plan? This isn’t always possible to do since the subscription plan is, itself, a product for sale.

Compare that to how you can buy pet food on Auto-Ship:
1. Purchase a 10 pound bag of dog food and select to add it to a monthly Autoship.
2. The food arrives every month (just like a subscription).
3. Want to change the shipment to a 5 pound bag?  Log in to My Account, go to Scheduled Orders, change the quantity and save.
4. Want to change the shipment date to every 2 months?  Log in, change the frequency and save.
5. Want to just purchase the same product as a one-off without Autoship? No problem.

Is Auto-Ship better than Subscriptions?

They are both useful and valuable recurring order solutions, however 1 will fit your marketing better than the other.
– Autoship is better at managing a recurring order without forcing a subscription “plan” and is therefore more flexible because it enables recurring orders without the need to create or sell plans.
– Traditional Subscriptions are better for selling “plans”.

Can I Download a Trial Version?

Yes! We offer a free trial version of WC Autoship Cloud. You can download the Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce plugin and create a free QPilot Merchant Account . The trial version is not able to process live payments for Autoship orders but if you decide to purchase Autoship and turn for QPilot Site from Test to live, your settings and information will remain so you don’t lose any progress you made using the trial version.

What If I Have Trouble Setting Up the Plugin?

Please get in touch with us for support so that we can help you troubleshoot.  WC Autoship Cloud has been installed successfully on many WooCommerce stores and themes, so chances are good that it will work for you right away if your store is already up and running.

What If I Decide It’s Not A Fit?

No problem! You can cancel your monthly QPilot subscription at any time. If you Cancel your plan, the cancellation comes into effect the following month.

Do you have other support resources I can use?

Great Question! Yes we have an entire suite of support documentation to help you get your Autoship store up and running and thrive. Simply go to support.autoship.cloud or click here.

Do you have an API developers can use?

Of course! Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot uses the flexible QPilot API which allow developers to create, modify, and perform a host of actions on Scheduled Order, Subscribed customers, and even recurring payment methods. Learn more here

Need Additional Help? Contact Us

For pre-sale questions or quick help troubleshooting your WC Autoship site, please send us a contact form.