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Performance ⚡ Upgrades: February 2024

Our team has been working to improve the experience of Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot and has published several recent updates to improve the speed at which your team and your subscribers can access their accounts and Scheduled Orders.

We’re happy to report that after recent updates (published last week), Merchants are now seeing over a 100% (more than double) increase in the speed of accessing Scheduled Order data in their Shopify and WooCommerce admins and that Customers are also viewing and making updates to their Autoship and Subscribe & Save Orders twice as fast!

In this post, we’ll highlight the top speed improvements for you and your subscribers, and what’s next. Let’s get into it!

Improved: Merchants Now Access & Manage Scheduled Orders At 2X – 4X Speed

Our goal was to improve the Merchant experience of managing Scheduled Orders by making it 50% faster to view and edit them in the Merchant Center, or from the Admin pages of your Shopping Cart so that it’s easy for Merchants and their Support Teams to make changes quickly on behalf of their Autoship Customers and Subscribers.

In the first 2 weeks of February, we published several updates that have enabled us to surpass that goal and have observed over a 100% increase in speed on average in accessing Scheduled Orders!

Some Merchants Seeing 4x Speed Accessing & Updating Scheduled Orders

Merchants using Advanced Features for Products and Coupons have reported even larger improvements where Scheduled Orders containing large amounts of data are now being accessed over 400% faster than in January.

What’s Next? Dashboard Reporting and Speed

We are focusing on the performance and accuracy of Dashboard reports. Some Merchants have reported issues or errors impacting their Dashboard KPIs and Data, so expect another update soon about the work we’ve done to improve your site’s Dashboards!

Improved: Customers & Subscribers Also Seeing Speed Increase with Scheduled Orders and Product Pages

As we have published updates to improve your Merchant experience of accessing & updating Scheduled Orders, we have also published updates to improve the Customer experience of viewing and updating their Scheduled Orders quickly.

Your Autoship Customers and Subscribers should already be seeing at least a 50% speed improvement when viewing or making changes to their upcoming Scheduled Orders in My Account.

WooCommerce: Speed Improvements in My Account

For WooCommerce, we published a plugin update (version 2.5.2) that enables product data to be fetched directly from Woo and reduces the number of API requests when Customers are viewing Scheduled Orders via the Native UI Display Options which display Scheduled Orders in the Account Area using WordPress Templates.

WooCommerce Stores Using The Native UI Display Option Seeing Speed Improvements After Version 2.5.2 Plugin Update

Shopify: Speed Improvements for Product Page Options
For Shopify, we further improved the speed of displaying Subscribe & Save options on the product page by improving the support for the Autoship Cloud App Block that adds these options to PDP pages in Shopify.

Shopify Product Pages Show Autoship or Subscribe & Save Options Super Fast After Updates to the Autoship Cloud App Block

What’s Next? New Subscriber Portal Experiences

For both our Woo and Shopify integrations, we’re developing a new Subscriber Portal that will replace the “Hosted iFrame” with an embedded experience that is faster, easier to use, and… doesn’t require an iFrame to be embedded into your Account page! This means you will be able to use an embedded Subscriber Portal using the latest features and not have to sacrifice styling & customization.

For Woo Merchants using our Native UI Display Options, we’re adding a new template that displays products for you to upsell to your existing subscribers so they can simply select an upsell product to add directly to their Subscription while viewing their Scheduled Order in My Account!

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