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Merchant Love 💙 How the “Feel Good Club” Attracts New Subscribers and Rewards Loyalty

Mission Farms is a wellness company that helps people experience relief from discomfort, inflammation, stress, stress,  insomnia, skin rashes, and other issues in an all-natural way. Their product subscriptions include CBD Oils, Topicals, Gummies, Bath Products, and more… all targeting important benefits that help their customers and subscribers feel good.

The Mission Farms brand has invested more into the idea of “feeling good” and created a subscription program that gains new subscribers and increases retention by rewarding loyal subscribers automatically with the “Feel Good Club” 💙

Grow Subscriptions with Autoship Cloud

Mission Farms migrated to Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot so that they could offer a better experience for their existing Subscribers, reduce the overhead of plugins + code needed to manage subscriptions with their online store, and work with a partner that knows how to support growing their subscription revenue. Since their migration in July of 2022, Mission Farms has improved their Active Subscriber count 52% and grown Subscription Revenue over 62%!

Ready to grow your subscription revenue?

Gaining New Subscribers: Offering Clear Benefits to Subscription-Curious Customers

From the moment you arrive at the Mission Farms site, wellness benefits like Ease Discomfort or Deepen Sleep are presented on the site’s main navigation to help connect you to the best formulations.

Similarly, on each product page that offers a Subscribe & Save option, the added benefits of ease and affordability are prominently displayed: “Subscribe & Save… Save 25% + Free Shipping” followed by a link to View All Benefits that brings you to a more detailed benefits breakdown of the “Feel Good Club”.

Customers can also visit the Feel Good Club page directly to learn more about the benefits of Subscribe & Save.

We love how the Feel Good Club consistently communicates the benefits of the added ease and affordability to their subscribers and also addresses the top questions & concerns that customers have about subscribe & save.

An Exciting Bonus for Loyal Subscribers: Lifecycle Rewards Automated by MAPs

A stand-out benefit offered by the “Feel Good Club” is a bonus discount off every fourth (4th) subscription shipment. This offer directly aligns with Mission Farm’s brand by emphasizing affordability and ease because it is a valuable cost-savings (affordable) benefit and it is completely automatic (easy).

Let’s take a look at how the Feel Good Club uses Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot and our no-code automation service, MAPs, to power their innovative campaign.

“MAPs” is short for Merchant Automated Programs, and is a no-code solution that makes it easy to create subscriber flows and automate changes to Scheduled Orders. MAPs are built right into QPilot, your hosted service powering Autoship Cloud for Shopify and WooCommerce, so there are no additional plugins or apps to install!

Step 1: Start With a Coupon Discount

First, a coupon is created that offers a % discount that can only be applied to a subscriber’s Scheduled Order.

The coupon will be applied using a MAP (see next step below) so its only restriction is that it is not Stackable, meaning that other coupon discounts cannot apply discounts at the same time as this coupon to the same Scheduled Order.

In the following screen capture, we create a coupon with the code “every4bonus” that we’ll use when we create the MAP that automates the application of the coupon’s discount on every 4th subscription cycle.

Step 2: How to Implement Lifecycle Rewards Using a Coupon and MAPs

Now, we create a new MAP that will apply the coupon and its 50% discount every 4th time that a subscriber’s Scheduled Order is processed.

The MAP should apply after a Scheduled Order finishes each processing cycle in order to check to see if the cycle count has reached the 4th, 8th, 12th cycle, and so on, and then apply the coupon only when that condition occurs.

  • MAP Context: Scheduled Order Process Finish
  • Condition:
    • Will Apply When: “Every Scheduled Order Nth Cycles” Equals “4”
  • Program Actions:
    • Add Coupon: “every4bonus”

Let’s Test It!

Here’s what this looks like in an Order history view when we test it by processing the same Scheduled Order 8 times for the same subscriber:

What Else Will You Automate With MAPs?

Check out our YouTube demo featuring multiple examples from basic time-saving automation to help you manage Scheduled Orders to how-to-examples of unique subscription marketing flows inspired by Petco’s Repeat Delivery Offer and Dollar Shave Club’s Subscription Refills.

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