Release notes are a quick way to let you know about the recent improvements made to Autoship Cloud and QPilot! Our updates only take a few minutes to read and will keep you current with our latest improvements & features… and what’s coming soon.

This month we focus on the subscriber experience. Here’s what’s featured:

  • New “v2 Subscriber Portal” for Shopify and WooCommerce
  • New feature for the Native UI called “Product Upsell Carousel” that increases subscriber order value
  • Case Study: Subscriber Flexibility Improves LTV Up To 205% proves which changes matter most

Every update and case study in this month’s Release Notes emphasizes the value of making it easy for your subscribers to change their Scheduled Orders. We’re excited about these enhancements because we know they will increase your recurring revenue. Let’s get into it!

New! v2 Subscriber Portal for WooCommerce and Shopify

The new “v2 Portal” is a breakthrough in repeat customer experience that makes it easy for subscribers to make quick changes to their upcoming Scheduled Orders, resume paused Scheduled Orders, and recover from issues that caused their Scheduled Orders to fail to process. In short, the v2 Portal is super flexible and easy for your subscribers to use.

If you’ve been using the “Hosted iFrame” display option on your Shopify or WooCommerce store, then we think you should switch to the “v2 Portal” and tell your customers that your store’s Autoship or Subscribe & Save experience just got a big upgrade! Our customer success team even put together some helpful “how-to” content about how subscribers make changes with the v2 Portal so that you can copy it into your own emails or website!

Considering the Switch to v2?

  • If you’re on Shopify, you should switch. The v2 Portal enables you to ditch the hosted iFrame of the previous default subscriber portal, customize the look and style, and make changes much easier for your customers. Check out the features below, and make the switch from the hosted iFrame to the v2 Portal in your Shopify Admin in just a few clicks.
  • If you’re on WooCommerce, then you should switch if you’re currently using the hosted iFrame for the same reasons: no iFrame, customizable display, and changes are a snap for your customers. Make the switch from the hosted iFrame to the v2 Portal in your WordPress Admin.
  • If you’re using the Native UI for WooCommerce, don’t worry, it’s still the default option and will continue to receive new features & updates. WooCommerce Developers rely on the Native UI’s customizable WordPress templates and integration capabilities, and if that’s you, then you don’t need to switch. 👀 PLUS we just added an awesome new feature to it (keep scrolling…) and will continue to treat this as the default display option of Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce.
  • Not sure? Get in touch with our Customer Success team by sending us a chat or contact form at our Support Site.

What Will Happen to the Other Display Options?

  • For Shopify, the v2 Portal is now the Default Display Option for new merchants. Existing merchants can switch between the Hosted iFrame and the v2 Portal.
  • For WooCommerce, the Hosted iFrame and Embedded App Display Options are still available but will not be updated with new features. We will announce the deprecation of these options within the next 4-6 weeks.

What’s Different about the v2 Portal from the Hosted iFrame?

  • The v2 Portal is securely embedded in your Shopify or WooCommerce site without using an iFrame. See how easy it is to enable the display here.
  • It is easy to customize and looks seamless with your WooCommerce or Shopify website & theme.
  • Its responsive layout looks great on mobile devices and large screens… or even within pages that have one or two sidebars!
  • It uses summary views that prompt your subscribers to make quick changes at-a-glance and detailed views that enable them to self-service specific changes.
  • Elements throughout the portal visually highlight the savings 💵 that subscribers receive so they see clear value when item prices are discounted (Subscribe & Save) or coupon discounts are applied.
  • The new portal debuts completely new experiences that make it easy for your subscribers to change what they want: Product Search, Changing Addresses, Changing Payments, Adding Coupons, Pausing, Canceling, Rescheduling, Switch One-Time and Recurring Items, and more…

For a more in-depth look at the different features of the v2 Portal, you can check out the full documentation, but first let’s take a quick look at some of these features!

Summary and Detailed Views

The summary view displays prompts and quick actions to your Subscribers based on the status of their Scheduled Orders. This helps your subscribers make quick changes such as “process now” for active Scheduled Orders, or retrying failed Scheduled Orders in one action. In the detailed view, subscribers can make whatever changes they need to their Scheduled Order and review important details about shipping, order dates, coupons, and more.

Summary View: One of the most popular feature requests added to the Summary View was to enable a subscriber to choose a “Process Now” action.

The Summary View contains cards that summarize each Scheduled Order and prompt the subscriber with important messages and action buttons based on the status of their Scheduled Order.

Detailed View: One of the most popular feature requests was to make it easier for subscribers to edit their Shipping Address without leaving the page!

A subscriber editing the Shipping Address in the Detailed View of the v2 Portal.

Visually Communicating Savings and Discounts

Your Subscribers are your best customers so saving and discount elements have been added to visually highlight the value they are receiving with their Scheduled Order! Discounts are clearly called out on Items, Coupons, and Order Summary totals.

Visual elements highlight the value of discounted items to subscribers throughout the v2 Portal.

Customizing the Display and Styling the v2 Portal

A new Customer Portal Settings page is now available in your QPilot Merchant Center for your connected site(s) that enables you to control what actions Customers can use in their Subscriber Portal and customize the v2 Portal’s display & styling to align with your website and branding.

The Customer Portal page is used by the merchant to control customer options and customize the display of the v2 Portal.

What’s Next for the v2 Portal? v3?

We are already testing the release of additional features to the v2 Portal and the Native UI! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming soon:

  • 🚫 Cancellation Surveys and Offers: Built-in Cancelation Surveys enable you to learn why Subscribers choose to cancel. Offers enable you to test the best ways to retain them before they cancel!
  • New Subscriber Actions for Skip and Pause: Retain Subscribers longer by helping them Skip a cycle as an alternative to Pausing or Canceling their Scheduled Order.
  • 📅 Delivery Dates for Subscription Orders: Set up dynamic delivery rules and shipping integrations that show available Delivery Dates for Scheduled Orders so that your Subscribers know when their Autoship Order will arrive!

Give Us Your Feedback!

If you have any questions or feedback about how the v2 Portal or Native UI could work better for your online store, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us a chat or contact form at our support site:

While the v2 Portal is an exciting new display option that gives merchants a powerful new subscriber portal, the Native UI continues to be the default display option for WooCommerce due to its use of customizable WordPress templates to display Scheduled Orders and its ability to be fully customized by WooCommerce Developers.

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature of the Native UI that can increase the average order value of your subscribers: The Product Upsell Carousel!

The Product Upsell Carousel works with the Linked Products Upsells functionality of WooCommerce by promoting the Upsells already linked to your products in WooCommerce directly on the subscriber’s My Account > Scheduled Orders page.  

This new feature can be enabled from the Autoship Cloud > Settings >> Options page when the Native UI Display Option is enabled.

If you’re already offering Upsell products on your WooCommerce store’s product pages, those same products will display on the My Account page of any Scheduled Order containing the original product. If you’d like to add Upsell products, you can do so from Products > Linked Products >> Upsells in your WordPress backend.

Once enabled, subscribers editing their Scheduled Orders can easily add additional products to their subscription, either on a recurring basis or as a one-time addition (sort of like grabbing candy in the checkout aisle 🍬🍬).

Learn more about the Native UI Product Upsell Carousel here.  

Case Study: Subscriber Flexibility Improves Subscription Lifetime Value by up to 205%

Since this month is all about new innovations for the subscriber portal, it’s the best time to share a case study that we recently published on how making it easy for subscribers to change their Scheduled Orders positively impacts your recurring revenue!

Did you know that when Subscribers are able to easily make changes to their Scheduled Orders the Lifetime Value of their Subscription can increase by an average of $65? In this case study, we analyzed over 250,000 subscribers, what changes they made to their Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot, and which changes, in particular, resulted in increased LTV to the tune of +205%. Read on and learn how you can use Autoship Cloud to empower your subscribers to make changes and increase LTV!

Case Study Highlights:

  • Subscriber Updates to Scheduled Orders: Double LTV with Flexibility
  • The Value of Subscriber Updates: Which Changes increase LTV most?
  • Reviewing Subscriber Updates: Which Changes are Your Subscribers Making?
  • Empowering Subscribers to Update Subscriptions

Read the full Case Study: Subscriber Flexibility Improves LTV Up To 205%

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