Creating a Meal Box Subscription Site: Creating the Scheduled Order!

A Subscription Box isn't a typical eCommerce order, but a Scheduled Order. A Scheduled Order is an order that Ships repeatedly on a set schedule ( i.e. Monthly, Weekly, Daily, etc. ) and for which the customer is billed each time ( recurring payments anyone? ) the order ships. The good news is that Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot comes pre-built to create Scheduled Orders without the need for customers to go through a checkout and even offers a way for customers to manage their orders after they're created.

Creating a Meal Box Subscription Site: Cart Requirements!

This isn't your standard eCommerce site but a Subscription Box site and one which needs to allow our customers the flexibility to select the meals they want, while at the same time limit how many meals they can add to their cart based on their selected plan, adjusting their cart contents when they change their plan, and controlling when they can place their order based on if the cart is valid. While we're not using the WooCommerce checkout, we do want to use the cart so that we can use all the re-targeting tools available for cart abandonment, upsells, and add-ons.

Creating a Meal Box Subscription Site: The Customer Journey!

One thing that's evident with any Meal Subscription company currently out there is the walk through, widgetized approach to the customer journey. Here at Patterns in the Cloud we never do anything half hearted, we'll be walking our customer through the steps needed to complete their box, from registration, plan selection, meal selection, scheduling, entering their address information, adding a saved payment method, and eventually generating the Recurring Order. It'll not only be important to help visually walk our customer through the process but also automatically re-direct them to the appropriate step when they try to jump ahead.