Release notes are a quick way to let you know about improvements we’ve made to Autoship Cloud and QPilot! Our updates only take a few minutes to read and will keep you in the know about our latest features… and what’s coming soon.

In this month’s release notes, we review improvements made to your site’s Dashboard Reports, a new feature that automatically updates your stale subscriptions, and 2 new integrations coming soon. Let’s get into it!

New & Improved: Dashboard Reports

We have received a lot of feedback about how the dashboard reports, that help you track the performance of your Autoship or Subscribe & Save programs, can be easier to read and filter… and we listened!

What you said:

  • I need a quick way to see how many new scheduled orders my subscribers are creating each month and how many are being deleted/canceled each month
  • Make it easier to compare successful repeat order processing with failed order processing
  • Simplify the filters that show what time period is being viewed
  • Make the reports load faster… time is $$

Subscribers Creating New Scheduled Orders versus Deleting/Canceling

Did our April campaigns help us acquire more new subscription orders than in March? Is our churn improving this quarter versus last quarter? A good Dashboard should give you a quick answer to these basic performance questions, so we simplified the summary of Scheduled Order Metrics in the Dashboard in order to clearly reveal trends in both the acquisition of new Scheduled Orders and the deletion of Scheduled Orders month over month.

Scheduled Order Performance Reporting
(Left) New Scheduled Orders Created and (Right) Scheduled Orders Deleted by Month

We also changed the time periods that you can display to just 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months at a time because, with these types of summaries, you just need to know how things are trending before spending more time digging in.

Learn more about the Dashboard Scheduled Order Metrics summary here.

Looking to dig into trends deeper? Check out the Scheduled Order Metrics Report here.

Comparing Successful vs Failed Repeat Order Processing

The re-vamped Processing Metrics graph now shows a month-by-month summary of how many Scheduled Orders were processed successfully each month in a simple stacked-column view with how many Scheduled Orders failed to process each month.

Right below the graph are the top Failure Codes displaying the totals for each so that you can address the most important issues impacting your recurring revenue.

Processing and Error Code Reporting
Processing and Error Code Reporting On The Updated Dashboard View

“Merchants were asking us how they could not only track, but also analyze & monitor their processing performance,” says business analyst Taylor Meyer. “Processing can have a huge impact on a subscriber’s experience so we designed the Processing Metrics to provide a straight forward way for merchants to understand how well processing is going and enable them to respond quickly to reduce passive churn.”

Learn more about Dashboard Processing Metrics here.

Coming Soon to Reports: Cohorts & Churn Analysis

This quarter, we will be delivering another top-requested feature in reporting Cohorts for subscription performance and churn analysis. The ability to group and analyse subscribers by their sign-up dates, coupons & campaigns, their renewal periods, and more gives merchants the ability to judge what’s workign and build confidence in testing new offers to increase retention and customer LTV.

Our Customer Success team has been working one-on-one with many of our merchants to design these reports and analyse their data by hand with excellent results, and we’re excited to now deliver this analysis as a feature of QPilot and to our Autoship Cloud integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Look for this new reporting feature to arrive next month!

New! Automations that Manage “Stale” Scheduled Orders in a Paused or Failed Status

Did you know that the QPilot team has been working on a no-code automation service so that you can automate changes & updates to Scheduled Orders similarly to how you automate with “Flows” in Klaviyo or “Triggers” in Zapier?

We call this service MAPs: short for “Merchant Automated Programs”, and as we prepare to bring MAPs out of Beta and make them available to all merchants using Autoship Cloud, the QPilot team is excited to announce 2 highly requested no-code automations that help merchants manage “stale” Scheduled Orders that have been in a Paused or Failed status for many days.

Here’s how easy it is to add a no-code automation with MAPs:

Automate Subscription Order Changes and Updates with MAPs
Example: A Merchant adds a new MAP that will automatically change a Subscriber’s Scheduled Order from a “Paused” status to a “Deleted” status 90 days after the subscriber paused it.

While we put the finishing touches to bring MAPs out of beta, you can learn more about this latest feature addition in July’s product update: MAPs: New Automations for ‘Stale’ Subscribers & Autoship Orders.

Coming Soon: Upzelo Integration

Upzelo ( is a customer retention platform that helps subscription businesses on WooCommerce and Shopify tackle churn, increase revenue, and discover specific reasons why subscribers cancel.

Why we love Upzelo for QPilot Merchants:

  • Supercharges your Autoship or Subscribe & Save cancellation process with incentives, A/B testing, exit surveys, customer audiences, and insightful reporting.
  • Unlocks valuable insights behind your customers’ cancellation decisions with detailed reporting.
  • Seamless integration for Shopify and WooCommerce stores!

Get ready to experience a whole new level of customer retention with Upzelo integration coming in late August!

Coming Soon: Klaviyo Integration

Many of you have taken advantage of QPilot’s integration with Zapier to send data to Klaviyo using Zaps & Triggers (see this post for an example: Automate Your Win-Back Campaigns Using Klaviyo and QPilot’s Zapier App!) but have also requested a direct integration with Klaviyo to unlock even more powerful marketing automation features.

The most popular marketing automation platform integrated directly with the most flexible autoship platform? Yes!

Soon, merchants will be able to design audiences & flows in Klaviyo using valuable data from QPilot including customer, product and scheduled order metrics data… directly inside Klaviyo!

Increase retention by sending dynamic offers to customers on their first renewal? Check. Design your own upcoming order renewal notification via Email or SMS/Text? Check. Add an upsell offer to your subscribers so they can try a new product with their next purchase? Check.

Look for QPilot’s Klaviyo integration to rollout in late-August to select merchants and to all merchants in September.

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