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Why You Need A “Lock Window” on Repeat Orders

Customers change their minds sometimes. All right, not sometimes. A lot of the time. And though we may try to accommodate their whims and wishes, there often comes a point at which letting customers modify their ecommerce order is just bad business. See, while many ecommerce businesses can simply slap together the customer’s box on […]

What’s the Difference Between a Subscription and Autoship?

Specific definitions of the words “subscription” and “autoship” are different, which means the implementation of these strategies (and the people these strategies serve) are different. Understanding those differences can make it easier to know which to use for your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Recurring Revenue [What You Need to Know]

Building a steady stream of recurring revenue is the aim of every business, but generating customer loyalty in an ever-changing ecommerce environment is easier said than done. Differentiating yourself from competitors, rewarding repeat customers, and incentivizing new ones to try your products takes ingenuity and creativity—as well as a robust system to scale your growth, manage inventory, process payments, and appropriately time deliveries.

Top 8 Website Performance Metrics to Monitor for Success

For WordPress sites running the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin and conducting regular business transactions, order processing can easily become a burden on the site. Checking your website metrics and performance can make all the difference. To help you know which website performance metrics are most essential, we’ve rounded up the top 8 for you. Check your website against the list below to see how you measure up.

Version 2.0 Release Notes

Version 2.0 of Autoship Cloud is now available! A new email customizer tool, tax settings support, plugin shortcode and the new QPilot API are all part of this major plugin version update.

Coupons Feature Update

Coupons are a simple & powerful way to reward loyal Autoship Customers. See examples of how to use the latest features added to Coupons to grow your Autoship business!

October 2019 Release Notes

Improvements that make managing Autoship Orders from within WooCommerce easier. Also, support for Square Payments and a new option to process Scheduled Orders ahead of time!