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Subscribe & Save Box: Cured Nutrition

We love how Cured Nutrition ( ) optimizes its product pages to increase new subscriber acquisition ❤️❤️.

Cured Nutrition is a team of wellness experts based in Colorado that is on a mission to “serve humanity by sharing the true healing powers of nature”. Their best sellers include supplements to support sleep, balance stress and improve focus.

Our team at QPilot, which powers the Autoship Cloud plugin that Cured uses to offer their flexible and customizable Subscribe & Save program, is impressed at the amount of thought and high standard of quality that the Cured team puts into their products, branding, and their customer experience.

This high level of thought and quality goes double for Cured’s best customers: their Subscribers!

Take a look at how Cured presents their Subscribe & Save offer on their product pages on desktop and mobile screens, and scroll down to see what specifically grabbed our attention!

On large/desktop browsers, Subscribe & Save options are easily compared left-to-right. Subscriber benefits are cleanly laid out right above the Buy Now button.

On small/mobile browsers, the frequency options for Subscribe & Save are displayed as large buttons that are easy for customers to view & tap👆. Tap “play” on the screen recording to view the mobile layout for yourself!

Here are some specific practices that Cured is nailing with their Product Page’s Subscribe & Save offer:

1. Subscribe & Save is Default

The option to Subscribe & Save is “Default” meaning, the customer only needs to opt-in to a one-time purchase and will notice that the Subscription or Autoship option is the best value. Similarly, when there are multiple variations (flavors or sizes) of the same product, Cured pre-selects one variation as the “default” so that customers can easily see what is being offered without additional taps or clicks.

2. The “Most Popular” Frequency Is Highlighted

“Most Popular” options for delivery frequency are clearly highlighted, and this reduces the time that the customer will spend considering which frequency they need to choose. Especially with supplements or wellness products that have a suggested dose, suggesting a frequency unique to each product increases the customer’s confidence in their subscription choice.

3. Subscriber Benefits Are Positioned Clearly

Benefits are clearly listed for the customer so that they know what additional value they get from choosing Subscribe & Save in addition to the Price. Cured treats subscribers to special pricing and gifts and reminds them that VIP’s are on another level than one-time purchasers. For existing subscribers, listing out benefits serves as a reminder to stay on subscription, and it lets new customers know that, even if they don’t subscribe today, Cured is ready to take things to the next level.

Want to learn more about optimizing your Product Pages to attract & convert more new subscribers? Drop us a comment or send us a message … we’d love to show you how!

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