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Subscription Prescription… 🎙️ the Podcast!

What began as a newsletter for subscription brands to get a 5-minute dose of growth & retention tips in their inbox every week, is now also the Subscription Prescription Podcast that goes deeper into details for how to make subscriptions work better for your business.

We were inspired by the thousands of merchants following the weekly newsletter for Subscription Prescription to produce another format that is easy to enjoy and also goes deeper than the 5-minute inbox dose. The Podcast is a larger dose that gets into specific ideas, growth experiments, offers, and tools that give you and your team real ideas and next steps to FOCUS on.

Check out our debut episode focusing on Retention where Matt (@subscriptiondoc) explains his Subscription Audit Blueprint so that your brand knows where to start measuring subscription performance and how to take action on improving retention BEFORE customers cancel with our premier podcast sponsor: Upzelo

🎙️ Highlights from our premier episode sponsored by Upzelo (Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify)

  • The fundamentals of a really strong subscription program 2:10
  • Implementing a post-purchase survey tool 6:25
  • Understanding the difference between an acquisition problem and a retention problem 7:30
  • You have an acquisition problem 13:20
  • Improving your offer 15:05
  • Ideas for framing your subscription offer 19:47
    • “I love copy that speaks to the benefits of consistent usage. If it’s a sleep gummy, yes, you’re gonna get a better night’s sleep, but think about how the month of August will be with an entire better month of sleep. Think about how your life will be with a better month of sleep every single night. Think about what consistent usage will bring because then it will get people to think about why they should subscribe.”

This is for Subscription Brands… This Pod’s for YOU!

We produced this podcast for all subscription brands to benefit from, and especially YOU. Your support helps us build & share this resource with the entire eCommerce Community.

Please listen, subscribe, and consider sharing it with others you know.

If you are REALLY enjoying the tips that Matt’s sharing and want to hear more, we’d love it if you would leave a review! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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