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How Petco’s Repeat Delivery Service Is Changing the Face of Retail

Since its founding in 1965, Petco strives to be the leading provider of comprehensive wellness solutions for your pets. Now, Petco is taking strides to make an easier and more enjoyable experience for pet owners with their Repeat Delivery Service.

Petco’s Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Petco found that many pet owners, particularly households with multiple pets, ran out of food and supplies faster than they hoped. This was especially true for pets with strict dietary restrictions or food allergies since specialty foods are harder to find. This meant that Petco’s customers had to make multiple trips on a monthly or even weekly basis. 

Petco worked to ease this burden with their Repeat Delivery Service. This service allows customers to order fresh pet food and supplies to their door on a regular basis. 

Petco launched the subscription-based service in April 2018, along with a mobile app to streamline the ordering process. With the subscription, customers can hand-pick the exact products they want to keep their pets comfortable, whether that comes in the form of food, treats, litter, toys, or other Petco products.

Continuously Improving the Customer Experience

In the few years since its launch, Petco has continuously developed its services into a one-stop experience for every pet owner, further proving they are miles ahead of the competition in their retail strategy. Here are some of the new services they’ve introduced in the last few years that complement their delivery service:

Vital Care

Vital Care is another subscription service that Petco began to offer in October 2020. With it, customers gain access to Petco’s resources for the recommended routine care for their pets. That includes unlimited veterinary exams and grooming appointments. Petco estimates subscribers can save up to $586 per year on their pet’s healthcare routine. 

Nationwide Same-Day Delivery

Petco partnered with DoorDash in December 2020 to offer same-day delivery services across the entire United States. This is a separate delivery from their Repeat Delivery Service. Same-day provides a way for their customers to make additional orders on items that don’t require a monthly or regular replenishment. 

When combined with repeat delivery, same-day delivery lets customers get everything their pets need without leaving the house. As a result, this allows them to spend even more time with their animals.

Right Food Finder

To complement customers’ selections for their repeat delivery orders, Petco created the Right Food Finder. Designed with cat and dog owners in mind, it guides customers through questions related to their pet’s age, breed, gender, size, and other fitness or nutrition goals they have in mind.

With these services in tow, Petco projects to see a growth of 14% in their eCommerce sales between 2020 and 2024. Just in fiscal 2019, they saw a 13% increase in their repeat delivery revenue stream. And as COVID-19 pushed more customers to rely on online shopping, they’ve positioned themselves well for significant growth.

Creating Your Own Recurring Order Services With QPilot

So, what could this mean for your business? How do you build your own auto-shipment system that’s easy for customers to navigate?

QPilot offers a user-friendly application that creates a unified customer experience across any device or channel. You can choose from a wealth of configuration options that are perfect for all kinds of business, whether you sell food, pet supplies, home goods, or anything else. If your product is highly specific, we can also build a custom configuration to your exact liking. 

Click here for a full rundown of QPilot’s API to learn more about our customization features.

A More Optimized Customer Experience

While Petco’s Repeat Delivery Service is highly customized, you can offer even greater order customization with QPilot. If your customers need to reschedule an order, add or remove a product, or change their recurring order entirely, they can do that all from your website or with the aid of our ChatBot. 

Implementing QPilot into your business is easy—all you need is a WordPress-powered website, and you can install our plugin. From there, you can tweak the interface as needed to seamlessly incorporate your new auto-shipping service.
If you’re ready to make recurring payments a larger part of your revenue stream, request a demo today.

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