Release Notes

February 2023 Release Notes

What’s Important to Know This Month

This is a quick way to let you know about improvements and fixes we’ve made to Autoship Cloud and QPilot this month. It only takes a few moments to read, but will save you a lot of time in the future knowing more about how we’ve improved or fixed things. If you have any ideas, complaints, or feedback, I’ve included a way to do that below too.

Let’s dive in!

Launching Soon: QPilot’s Shopify Integration

Over the past year, our team has received a lot of requests to add Shopify as an integration in addition to WooCommerce.

Good news: QPilot will soon be launching our integration with Shopify!

If you are wondering about the differences between how scheduled orders work on Shopify versus WooCommerce, we’ve prepared a detailed run-down of the similarities and differences. This includes how payments are handled, migrations, and renewals.

Read the full article here.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Shopify integration, contact our support team here.

Fixed: Scheduled Order Page Loads Faster

Your Scheduled Order page should now load faster than ever! We have made several enhancements to your Autoship Cloud Scheduled Orders page to help ensure you can load it successfully on a regular basis.

Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders Page Loading
Loading Scheduled Orders in WordPress Admin

Try out the new loading improvements at WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders.

Improved: How to Process Failed Scheduled Orders

To help ensure failed Scheduled Order recovery we have removed the “Continue Processing” action. This was a bit nebulous, so we replaced it with a better process. You should now use the “Restart Processing” action. Learn more here.

Improved: Managing Invalid Products

You will now see a warning notice displayed at the top of the Autoship Cloud Products page ( WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Products ) when one or more invalid products exist in QPilot. Learn more here.

Upcoming Changes! 👀

New, updated, and better dashboard and reports are on the way. We’re working on more reports, related to things like customer churn, while also improving existing reports, such as adding more filters and data fields.

Tell Us What You Think

Whether you have an issue, idea, or just want to let us know how things are going, I care a great deal about what you think. Please take a moment and let me know anything that’s on your mind by taking this survey to let us know, or sending us an email.

David Bradley, Founder and Head of Product

Don’t let his fun countenance fool you – David takes product updates and development very seriously.

When not building the future of repeat deliveries and subscriptions, he can be found skiing, hiking, rocking out at concerts, running and spending time with his lovely family.

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