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Subscriptions That Won’t Wait: Fully Rooted’s Fresh Juice is Always Fresh


Fresh juice that lets you choose – each week – how you get it.

On a subscription!

New Subscribers AddedSubscription Revenue GrowthSubscription Revenue


A limitless belief in sustaining wellness drives the creators of Fully Rooted. When it comes to creating cold-pressed juices and kombucha, the freshness of each glass bottle can’t be taken lightly. The creators of Fully Rooted know this and use the freshness and sustainability of each glass bottle to differentiate themselves. 


There is a lot of competition in the juice and kombucha space, so having a great mission is only part of what makes their business successful. A great repeat purchase experience is vital. While a subscription model seemed like an obvious choice for Fully Rooted, anyone who has tried running subscriptions on WooCommerce will know it’s not always as simple as it may seem. 

The ability for customers to control what flavors they receive in each purchase is important but what sets their business apart is the option between delivery and pickup- and WooCommerce subscription software doesn’t support that kind of experience. 

Managing how and when customers get their orders is hard enough- but keeping things running smoothly on a subscription order is even harder. 


So what did Fully Rooted do to keep their mission of sustaining wellness alive while valuing their most loyal customers who subscribed? 

They turned to QPilot with a WooCommerce plugin called Autoship Cloud. QPilot is the software any company looking to offer flexible subscriptions needs. The WooCommerce plugin, Autoship Cloud, gave Fully Rooted customers the power to change what comes next.

What does this look like in action? 

Fully Rooted now offers customers a simple upsell opportunity at checkout: subscribe and save with the ability to choose how and what they get every time. 

Down the road, customers can easily change what product or flavor they receive through a customer subscription portal right on Fully Rooted’s website. 

The best part? Customers can easily change their subscription from pickup to delivery (or vice versa) within the same customer portal. 

Because Fully Rooted only has specific delivery dates available, if customers choose a date that isn’t supported, QPilot automatically adjusts them to the next available day and notifies the customer of the change. 


The results of Fully Rooted’s new dynamic subscription program? 

While customers have loved the product from the beginning, 




Operating for 9+ YearsBottles RefilledCustomer Rating

Adding the new dynamic subscription program to their WooCommerce site allowed Fully Rooted to unlock exponential growth and really reach their mission of sustaining wellness.

Since adopting QPilot, Fully Rooted has created 1,000 subscriptions and driven nearly $250,000 in subscription revenue – already doubling their subscription growth in 2021. 

Fully Rooted continues to prove sustainability can still be good for business. 

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