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How Legion Athletics Dominates the Supplement Subscription Game


Legion gives customizable subscriptions and bundles for a personal experience, resulting in greater AOV + LTV.

Doubled Subscription
Growth Since Joining
Revenue Growth
Jan-June 2022


Mike Matthews founded Legion Athletics because he was tired of all the sports science shenanigans. Different workouts, flashy pills – we’ve all tried them, and they don’t work. Mike went through the same process trying to optimize his health while training yet nothing seemed to work.

He then set out to do what many people do not. Solve the problem. After real research, writing books, and helping others, he launched Legion Athletics to deliver healthy, effective supplements to the world.


A static subscription, however, just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to disrupt the supplement world. Nobody wants to see bottles of protein powder crowding their pantry.

Legion needed something more customizable. Something that works with their online sales process, but keeps things easy for customers to manage.


Legion found QPilot’s WooCommerce plugin, Autoship Cloud, that allows customers to easily change what comes next. With QPilot, Legion has unlocked an incredible subscription experience. One that gives customers what they want, when they want it:

QPilot made it easy for customers to not only choose what they want, but also choose how often they want it. 

Even better, the WooCommerce plugin, Autoship cloud, gave customers the ability to manage their subscription order all in one place.


How has a customized customer experience affected sales? 

Selling more than 2 million bottles to over 300,000 customers, they’ve seen huge success. Legion knows health and supplements should be personalized and often involve more than just a single product.

Their checkout experience has been crafted accordingly, with product recommendations, bundles (learn more about subscription-friendly bundles here), and upsells.

Since joining QPilot, Legion saw subscription sales double from 2020 to 2021, and increase 40% in 2022 (as of 6/30/22).

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