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Custom Autoship Experiences Delivered

Examples of customizations that we’ve delivered for our customers

Custom Template and API Request

Add Item to next Autoship from the Product Page

Enable returning customers to add an item to their next Autsohip Scheduled Order right from the product page.

Developed as a custom product page template using the QPilot API to check for upcoming Scheduled Orders for logged in customers.

Custom Widget and Scheduling Logic

Schedule All Products in the Cart for Autoship

This merchant only sells products for weekly delivery and needed a way to add all products to Autoship (by default) and change the weekly delivery schedule for all products in the cart.

Developed as a widget and shortcode using custom scheduling logic.

Custom Template and API Request

Advanced Scheduling Options displayed on Product Page

For the marketer that wants to show all types of scheduling options to schedule products.

Developed as a widget and shortcode using custom scheduling logic.

Custom Widget and API Integration

Automated Chatbot Assistant

A subscription you can talk to? Yes!

Enable customers to chat with a smart assistant (chatbot) to easily manage and update upcoming Autoship Scheduled Orders with just a few words.

Developed as an integration with a bot framework and embedded live chat as a wordpress widget.

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