Looking for opportunities, threats, trends, or other expert analysis with your Autoship or Subscribe & Save program?

Unlock deep insights into the behaviors and trends of your subscribers, your Scheduled Order processing and even your campaigns & growth experiments by working directly with an expert business analyst who knows subscriptions and knows your data.

Performance & Growth Opportunity Analysis

Understand your Autoship program performance with personalized and detailed suggestions to increase performance, grow your subscribers, and optimize your marketing strategies.

Program Performance

Increase your MRR by optimizing your subscriber acquisition and retention with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your Autoship or Subscribe & Save program.

For Example:

  • What issues cause my Autoship Orders to fail processing and what can I do about it?
  • What does my subscriber growth look like over time and how can I increase it?

Marketing Analysis and A/B Testing Support

Analyze how your marketing strategy, A/B testing, promotions, and more impact your subscriber acquisition and retention over time to make informed, data-driven decisions.

One-time vs Recurring Order Opportunity Analysis

Understand how your one-time purchases and orders compare to your subscribers and identify potential new subscribers (based on order history).

Custom Retention & Churn Analysis

Look deeper into specific opportunities & threats by analyzing your strongest performing customers and their related products and behaviors.

New Subscriber Churn/Retention Analysis

Dive deeper into what retains customers and evaluate when customers churn to increase retention and lifetime value over time.

Product Performance Opportunity Analysis

Evaluate how specific products perform with recurring Scheduled Orders to identify opportunities for upselling and increasing the value of their Scheduled Orders.

Inventory and Forecasting Analysis

Evaluate the purchase frequencies and retention patterns of your customers’ Scheduled Orders to plan available inventory & stock for your subscribers beyond their next order date.

Demand Planning Analysis

Examine when and where your Autoship customers are demanding your products to better prepare inventory for seasonal changes and campaigns.

Stock-Out Opportunity Analysis

Run out of specific products for your existing subscribers, but now back-in-stock? Work with us to understand the opportunity for marketing back-in-stock products to win-back subscribers and increase order value.

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