WC Autoship Cloud is built with customization in mind and includes an abundance of filters and actions that can be used to integrate with almost any WooCommerce Advanced Pricing plugin ( like the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin ) or role based extension ( like the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices ). This allows the freedom for our merchants to apply a variety of role based, cart based, product based, and even schedule based pricing rules to Scheduled Autoship Orders.

Built in Autoship Pricing Features

Out-of-the box Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce allows store owners to enter a discount checkout price and / or a discount recurring price to help reward and convert one time customers to Autoship customers with recurring orders.

Advanced Autoship Pricing Options

The built in Autoship Cloud pricing options are perfect for a a lot of merchants who might not need complex pricing rule, but if you require extra flexibility and dynamic discounting, then it’s good to know that Autoship Cloud can be customized to integrate with the plugin you use.

The following are some of the dynamic pricing and role based plugins developers have customized Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce to integrate with:

We know the power behind crafting a flexible pricing strategy to drive your autoship program which means we’re always interested in helping our merchants integrate our powerful plugin with their existing and new plans.

Interested in a custom extension or assistance integrating with one of these plugins or a plugin not listed? Contact us here